Central Florida Buckeyes Pay It Forward

Daniel Janos on August 10, 2013 Comments (1)

A Gift For Teaching Seminole County

Wow! Lots of Central Florida Buckeyes came out to A Gift For Teaching Store - Seminole County this Saturday to Pay It Forward. Packing backpacks for local Elementary students, building supply shelves, and even stocking shelves. Just another way local Buckeyes are stepping up to help out the community. When we first got started Becky Miller, AGFT Seminole County Store Supervisor, informed us that Wells Fargo packed 1000 backpacks in 3.5 hours. We all as Buckeyes took this as a challenge. Rising well above the challenge, we packed the rest of the backpacks they would need for Elementary Students, in only 2 hours. While other volunteers built shelves, unpacked boxes of backpacks for later use, and stocked shelves with supplies. I would like to personally thank all of the volunteers for all their hard work. Becky Miller said she was extremely grateful and would be rooting for the Buckeyes this season. We can make a Buckeye fan out of anyone. Once again...WOW! Buckeyes In Action!





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